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The Dirty Laundry was founded in 2017 to serve the local businesses and community with the growing need of commercial requirements of the Spey Valley area.

Our aim to offer a second-to-none service with our quick turnaround, outstanding product ranges and competitive prices.

We offer commercial and residential laundry services, linen sales and hire, uniform and sports kit wash, wet cleaning and alterations.

Service Wash

Service Wash - Proud using Comfort

Comfort fabric conditioner helps you and your loved ones feel cared for every day.

Comfort not only provides exceptional softness and fantastic fragrances; using Comfort in every wash leaves clothes feeling soft and gentle on your skin. It also protects the colours of clothes. It keeps clothes looking newer for longer and after washing it speeds drying times and helps make ironing easier.

Comfort was the first fabric conditioner to be launched in the UK in 1969 and continues to be the market leader, with Comfort Pure being the best selling fabric conditioner in the UK.

In 1980 Comfort was re-launched with more perfume, improved softness and a richer appearance, while 1984 saw the launch of the first concentrated fabric conditioner for Comfort that was three times more concentrated than diluted fabric conditioner.

The nineties saw many changes to the Comfort brand: a new logo and more modern packaging in 1992 and the first fully biodegradable formulation in 1993, followed in 1998 with the introduction of Comfort’s first hypoallergenic fabric conditioner (Comfort Pure).

In 2007 Comfort was the first brand to introduce Encapsulated Fragrance technology, delivering even longer lasting freshness and fragrance.

In 2009, Comfort launched its fruit and flowers sensorial range, Comfort Exhilarations, with tempting and uplifting fragrances in Strawberry&Lily, Blueberry & Jasmine and Melon & Lotus Flower.

In 2010, two of Comfort's best sellers - Blue Skies and Sunshiny Days –were re-formulated to offer its best ever outdoorsy freshness. It was also the year when Comfort Pure and Persil Non-Bio worked together for the first time under the new ‘better together’ mother and baby programme.

In 2014, Comfort re-launched the Comfort Exhilarations range as Comfort Creations, blended by perfume experts. The range also included 3 new variants: Honeysuckle & Sandalwood, Snapdragon & Patchouli and Indian Rose & Musk. All three variants were developed with top fragrance houses and come in a first to market shimmer matt effect bottle.

In 2015, Comfort launched a brand new range – Comfort Intense. The range has an ultra-concentrated formulation and uses dual-encaps technology meaning consumers only need a tiny dosage to receive an intense fragrance and freshness that lasts and lasts! The British Skin Foundation recognises Comforts research into skin care.

Dry Cleaning

1. Softness

We all spend time pampering our skin to make it soft, so it makes sense to wear clothes that enhance this feeling. Fabric softener can reduce this by smoothing the fibres. It also prevents stiffness, making your clothes more gentle to touch.


2. Perfume

Smell is closely linked to our emotions and memory and it plays a crucial role in how we feel. Because we want you to feel great all the time, Comfort is made with a special formula that has the ability to release bursts of fragrance throughout the day. What’s more, Comfort offers a range of scents suitable for all moods and occasions.


3. Easy ironing

Did you know that using fabric conditioner makes ironing easier? Your clothes don't crease as much in the wash, will be less wrinkled when they dry and it improves the way an iron glides across the material. Also creases drop out more easily, so you can wear your clothes with confidence throughout the day.


4. Reduced wear and tear

Using fabric conditioner takes the hard work out of caring for your clothes. It can make your garments last longer by taming the movement of fibres within the yarn (which means they rub together less) and reducing friction in the fabric. So all your family can carry on wearing the clothes they love for longer.


5. Breathability

We all sweat. Luckily our clothes can help keep us fresh. And we can help them do their job better by using fabric conditioner. By preventing damaged fibres (fibrillation) and matting which traps moisture, Comfort helps fabric maintain an open structure, allowing sweat to be carried away from our skin. Just like us, your clothes feel better when they can breathe more easily.


6. Malodour control

No one likes the musty aroma of damp towels. And drying laundry in humid conditions (like poorly-ventilated bathrooms or in the rainy season) can cause bacteria to grow. Comfort not only tackles the smell but it can also prevent germs from developing. So fabric conditioner not only smells good but it also does good for your wash.


7. Shape retention

We choose clothes to make us look and feel good. So it makes sense to wash them carefully. Using fabric conditioner can help garments maintain their shape during washing and wearing. Comfort works by preventing fibres and yarns from relaxing and fabrics from stiffening. What's more, your clothes are more likely to retain their original state after the wash and not crumple in the machine.


8. Anti-static

The weather, clothes dryers and synthetic fabrics can all contribute to an increase in the electrostatic charge of fabric, which causes surfaces to attract – and stick – to each other. Fortunately, you can avoid an awkward clingy dress to tights situation by using Comfort, which lubricates the fabric so that static won't build up so easily. When friction is reduced, calm and confidence are restored.


9. Colour care

We'll let you into a secret: using fabric conditioner can help retain the colour and shine of your clothes and stop them looking faded. Colour change isn't all about dye loss. It's also caused by fuzzing (which makes fabric appear worn) and fibrillation (when fibres get damaged, making them seem dull). By coating the fibre surface with a lubricant, fabric conditioner can keep cotton and wool looking bright and beautiful for longer.


10. Fast drying

Using Comfort can cut down on the drying time of your clothes. Fabric conditioner reduces the amount of water that your laundry retains after the spin cycle, actively enabling more liquid to be wrung out. Remember, clothes that aren't so wet will dry quicker, giving you more time to wear them again.


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